Life Is Passing By Too Quick

This post is a little off track my usual mother/baby related topic. But, today my mum was sent in for a scan because they found a tumour in her breast (note: I was granted permission to mention this on my blog). My dad was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer, and only the worse thoughts have flooded my mind. I’m worried that I’m running out of time to spend with them and that they won’t be around to see my kids grow up. Continue reading “Life Is Passing By Too Quick”

I Am Sorry You’re Not Pregnant


About two years ago, I ordered a hot chocolate instead of my normal latte from my work cafe and the barista picked up on the fact that I might be pregnant. I was 10 weeks into my journey at the time, and because the first trimester was almost over, I decided to let her in on my secret. Her response was, “Wow it is good that you are having a baby whilst you are still young”. I didn’t know it at the time, but she had struggled to fall pregnant after years of failed IVF treatments.

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