Dearest Daughter, Happy 1st Birthday

Dearest Daughter, Happy 1st Birthday

Today is my daughter’s first birthday! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by and I find myself reflecting on the year that has passed. I’ve never used so many adjectives to describe how I feel. There are not enough words to describe how much I have grown in this past year and how much she has taught me.

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Sleep Training: The Crying It Out Method 

There are many famous books out there that insist on the “crying it out” (CIO) method. They swear by quick results within days to teach your baby to self settle and sleep through the night. I am ashamed to say that during a very desperate time, I have been gullible enough to follow suit, even though I am very against this method. I gave it a shot and ended up with a distressed baby that vomited and a very overwhelmed and tearful mother. I absolutely hate this method and no matter what the books say, I will never ever recommend this to anyone nor will I ever try it again.

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