What My 10 Month Old Eats in A Day (recipes included)

When my daughter turned 10 months, she didn’t want to be spoon-fed anymore. She was becoming more independent and wanted to feed herself instead. She also became really fussy with what food was given to her and wouldn’t have the same food for more than a few days in a row. I’m not the greatest cook, but in order for her to thrive, I have had to do some research and try out different recipes (and change them) to cater for her needs.

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10 Month Baby Update

I cannot believe that we are getting towards the 1 year mark! It’s crazy to think that I gave birth about a year ago, it felt like yesterday. Time has definitely flown by!

At 10 months, Madeleine is now crawling really fast. She has managed to lift herself off the ground, prior to this, it was more of an army crawl. She’s getting quite mischievous, opening drawers, going through bags and will cry if I place her in a play pen (which means, I can’t get any house chores done!)

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