What’s Happening in September?

Another month has gone by! My daughter is 13 months and I have successfully settled back into work after having a year off on maternity leave. I am now working full time, and life is busy busy! There is still a part of me that is guilty for working and leaving Madeleine, but she’s enjoying childcare and I’m enjoying having a wage again! The first full time pay check felt so good! After having a year off and struggling with our finances, we are now back on our feet. I’m planning another family holiday, hopefully to New Zealand or Noosa! Do you have any tips for travelling with a toddler? I have traveled with her at 7 months and the flight was not bad, but it wasn’t good either!

13 Month Baby Update

Madeleine is doing very well this month! She is actually looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby! She had her first haircut this month! Time is flying by, I completely understand why mothers tell other mothers to take in everything at the beginning. Those newborn days are precious and I spent most of it stressed out!

She is learning how to show her emotions more this month. In particular, she is quite clear when she doesn’t like something or doesn’t want anymore food. She either whinges or starts fake crying! She gets quite upset when I say ‘No, Madeleine!’ I think I might have to make it clearer when she’s doing something wrong because I’m a bit nervous about the terrible 2’s as I can already see some personality traits leading up to this!

She loves to copy everything we do! She will try and use a spoon during meals times but hasn’t quite worked out the concept yet. She will pick up her food with her fingers and place it onto the spoon. It’s all very cute! I remember another time where my husband was giving her mandarin and he held a piece up to the light to check that there were no pips before giving it to her. She also repeated this process before eating it!

Her sleeping is actually very good at the moment. Some days she’ll have 2 naps and others she’ll only have 1. I think she’s transitioning into 1 nap a day! At night, she falls asleep by herself quite well and sleeps right through the night. She’s not taking much formula anymore and I’m trying to re-introduce cow’s milk with a cup. I had to stop at 12 months because she was getting a lot of gas that was making her very unsettled! This time around, I am slowly increasing the amount of cow’s milk that I’m giving her.

Developmentally, she’s learning how to take her first steps. We still need to hold her hands but she’s getting better at it! I think she’ll walk independently very soon. She also loves music, sway and rocking to the beat! Oh this age is just so fun!

Mother update

I am enjoying the work/life balance of being back at work and being a mum too. My husband and I are thinking of trying for baby number 2 sometime soon. Which means chaos but I love it. I think second time around, I’ll be more relaxed and won’t be second guessing my choices as much as the first time! I’m still unsure if we should space out our kids or just go bang bang bang! I don’t know how I’d feel if we end up with 3 under 5 haha!

Being back at work full time has left little time for my blog which I don’t like. I do still upload at least 4 to 5 times a week as there’s always something to talk about. However, I’m finding that it leaves me less time to catch up with my blogger friends! (I’m so sorry, I am getting to your posts!) I love my blog and so happy with how it’s coming along. I hope one day that I’m able to do this full time. I know that this doesn’t happen very often and if it doesn’t then that’s okay too as I also see it as a hobby! Do you have any tips for those wanting to do blogging full time?

A few Blogger friends have asked me whether or not I got the job. Unfortunately, no. But, I am not saddened by this at all. I used to be (you can read about my struggles with returning back to work and my career taking a hit here) but now, I’ve got other plans in mind so I’m quite happy and content. It’s satisfying coming to this conclusion as I’m less stressed about the pressure of climbing up the corporate ladder. It’s not the right timing for me and I believe that things will happen if they are meant to happen.

So what else is on my agenda? Something very exciting is coming soon! I can’t say what it is just yet. But soon, I’ll be able to fill you guys in on what I’ve been planning for the past few months. Watch this space!

Happy September and happy blogging! Xx

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5 thoughts on “What’s Happening in September?

  1. Hi Carol! Great to hear about your life as of late and congrats on the full-time return to work đŸ™‚ I giggled reading about Madelyn’s use of the spoon, imitating you and hubby at mealtime ~ so cute! It’s nice you sound content – busy but content. You’re teasing us at the end of the post though about what’s to come.. OK I’ll try to be patient đŸ˜‰ <3


    1. Thank you! I was so stressed out! Looking back, I wish I hadn’t been though, the newborn days go by so quickly! Thank you so much for the well wishes xx

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