Has becoming a mum made you more bitchy? 

Today I had a fight with a girlfriend and I am unsure whether or not I was too hard on her. When I was younger, I used to let things go easily. I didn’t think too much into anything, which is probably a bad thing as many people also took advantage of that. But that also meant I wasn’t angry for a very long time. Now that I’m older and I’ve matured with a few life achievements under my belt (becoming a mum), I am feistier and feel the need to protect and stand up for not only myself but also for my family and friends.
I can’t quite work out which is better. Should I be more free-spirited and care less or should I put more time and effort into speaking up for what I feel is correct, which means that I’ll be upset and miserable for a whole lot longer.

I was bullied growing up. I learnt to be scared of confrontations, to let people treat me however they wanted and to let a lot of things slide. Deep down, I felt the need to say something but the fear of consequences held me back. I learnt to just take it.

Well, no more. I’ve changed. After going through the intense pain of child birth, nothing else in life seems hard. Something just clicks in a woman’s mind when they see their baby for the first time. A silent promise is made that we will always protect, nourish and love them. Caring for them during their most vulnerable and dependent first few months only strengthens this feeling. Nothing is ever too hard, too much or too tiring anymore. Our patience is tested every single day. We are pushed to limits almost daily that we didn’t think we could handle. We become superheroes.

I do like these new set of skills as I feel I can unleash all my feelings and truly let the other person know how I feel. I’m not a bitch about it, just straight forward and to the point. But if anyone were to cross that line and actually did hurt the people I love, God forbid, then I am a bitch. The claws come out.

I know if anyone ever bullies my daughter (or any child for that matter), then I know I will say something. I won’t be scared of confrontation. I won’t let people be treated badly. I won’t let that slide. I cannot witness a fight without saying anything. I cannot keep my mouth shut basically.

You see, something changed within me when I became a mother. Something maternal and instinctive woke up inside me and I would do anything to defend my family.

Do you feel the same? How has motherhood changed you?

9 thoughts on “Has becoming a mum made you more bitchy? 

  1. Since I became a mother, I have become much calmer, more tolerant, but far more vicious in my dealings with people who cross me and my children. I have always been aggressive, and lashed out a lot in my youth. When I became a mother, I realised I couldn’t behave that way. What kind of role model would I be to my children if I showed them it was okay to punch people who hurt them.? So I forced myself to calm down. Unfortunately in doing so, I shied away from confrontation and turned the other cheek, until someone I considered a friend turned on me, and then on my child, and I found a calm, deadly reserve inside that was capable of a viciousness I’d never seen in myself before. I didn’t just want to get my own back, I wanted retribution, and I went as far as I had to, with no doubts at all, to get it. When my son was hurt deliberately in a playground by three girls, I went straight to their mother, and made it clear her daughters shouldn’t ever be out of her sight. I scared her and them so much, they moved house. Motherhood turned me into an over-protective lioness who goes to the extreme to protect her cubs.

    1. Oh hi there! You have just described everything I am feeling! I too have grown up so much because of motherhood. It has made me strong. I am no longer scared of confrontation because I feel like I have something special to protect now! I think that bullying takes place in so many places and even though there’s alot more awareness for it now, it still happens. Whether it’s at work or in the playground. I want to show my daughter how to protect herself and stand up for what she believes in. But at the same time, to do that in a manner where it’s not childish (dealing with it with maturity). If anyone were to treat my family the way the 3 girls treated your son, I’d do the same 😀😙

  2. It’s made more patient towards my daughter and her needs but less patient with the world. lol does that make sense? I mean sometimes I feel like some adults are very stupid. Like my mother in law, she told me as I was pregnant that my boobs weren’t getting big so I wasn’t going to be able to breastfeed. Like who are you?! Did you breastfeed? Nope. I feel like I’ve become more protective over what’s mine. My daughter, my body, my feelings, my life. You know as a first time mom it’s hard to just jump in on having a baby. Sometimes other people make it harder. Anywho, yes I’ve become more bitchy but in a good way. Take no sh*t from anybody and live your best life.

    1. Hi there, thank you for dropping by and sorry I’ve been away from my desk for so long! I completely understand what you mean, I am exactly the same!! I have less patience for those around me and silly people make me so annoyed that I have to say something! Whereas, before I had my daughter, I could easily just ignore them and forget about it. Not anymore! But in a way I love it, I feel the need to protect my family. I feel the need to protect my daughter, myself and my husband. God forbid, if I were to overhear anything that was sad about them, I’d have steam coming out of my ears!! Xx

  3. I haven’t even been a mum for 5 months yet and I can already feel the changes in me. I’m full of so much love and happiness, and a patience for my baby I don’t have for anyone else. My patience for others however is lessening and I don’t want to give any of my time to people I don’t care for which may come across bitchy but I don’t have time for pointless stuff now.

  4. Its not bitchy It’s a protective its amazing how you change when you become a parent my children are all grown up and its the other way now they over protective with me lol xxxx

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