The Perfect Bikini Body

Growing up, I was very lucky because I was comfortable with my body image. I never had an issue with weight and could eat almost everything that my heart desired without suffering the consequences. Thanks to my Asian genes, I’ve always been petite framed. However, after giving birth, my body has changed.

I comfortably wore a bikini whilst sunbathing in a resort off Noosa in Australia when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. But now that I’ve given birth, and winter is almost over, I find myself a little shy of beachwear. If I had to choose between the two, I’d rather be wearing a bikini when I’m pregnant rather than wearing one now. This is because I’d have an excuse for my not-so-flat belly. Now, the excuse is because I’m too lazy, don’t eat the best and I’m struggling to fit exercise into my current schedule.

My body is no longer like how it was. My belly is equivalent to a wrinkled deflated balloon. It is hard work making my belly look flat. No joke. I still have a linea nigra from when I was pregnant (a dark brown line caused by hormones and hyper-pigmentation of the skin that runs from your navel down to your public bone). My breast are no longer perky. Breastfeeding has caused my breast to sag! And those stretch marks haven’t quite faded.

Don’t let those Instagram mothers fool you. I don’t know how they snap back into shape so quickly! This is why I’ve always hated Instagram. It’s so easy to see a perfect life, a perfect marriage and a perfect body. I hate the word perfect. Google says it means “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be”. What happened to being an individual? Who sets all the required or desirable criteria? This is why I prefer words over images or words with images, it explains everything. It explains my thoughts so that my readers get to know me better.

There was a time I almost deleted my Instagram because I felt like I couldn’t get back into my pre-pregnancy shape. Looking at all the Instagram mummas during the early days when I didn’t get out much, made me depressed. I placed unnecessary pressure on myself. All the perfect images of their daily life seemed so unrelatable. I’m more of a “this is my life unedited” type of person and if you don’t like me than that’s okay!

The changes in my body use to make me miserable, but now I’ve learnt to look at it from a different angle. I see them as my battle scars. They are the reason why I have a beautiful baby girl. I have to remember that I’m lucky enough to be blessed with such a miracle; to be able to carry another human being. Sadly, not everybody gets this chance. Every mark on my body is an obstacle that I overcame to give birth to a healthy baby.

A girl I know at work recently had a miscarriage after years of trying for a baby through IVF. She delivered her baby at 19 weeks and sadly the baby passed away. The doctors were unable to stop her body from giving birth so early. This was devastating. I didn’t really know this girl, but hearing this made me cry. This was a reality check for me. Here I am concerned about my postpartum body when there are more important things in life. So today, I’m going to let go all my worries and embrace the changes instead.

I turned to my husband and said,  “Let’s book that trip to Noosa. Let’s be grateful. Let’s celebrate all the wonderful things that have happened to us.”

17 thoughts on “The Perfect Bikini Body

  1. Yep! 🙂 Good post. In the end, sometimes it’s hard to remember that our babies are more important than our bodies. I like to think of any imperfections as a badge of honor for my wonderful children. The only thing is rue is when I pee a little when I sneeze, hahaha!

    1. Hahahahaha! Yes that is me also! I pee just a little when I laugh too hard or sneeze. My hubby tells me off all the time because he was always nagging me to do my pelvic floor exercises! 😂

  2. Great post! I too have a tummy that looks like an inflated balloon, I guess our bodies change dramatically in so many ways when we have little ones. I think the older you grow the more you learn to accept them and like you say they are purely a symbol of motherhood and when you look at it like that they really are beautiful 😊thanks for the honesty xx

    1. Thank you! Yep – you have definitely just said what I was thinking! When I entered my thirties, I have been more accepting of myself and could care less what people said! My tummy is inflated too and people ask if we are having a second 😂😂😂

      1. Ha!! I too have had that question 😭hilarious! I think you kind of just have to put your bikini on hold your head high and think I have grown another human being! I’m pretty bloody awesome! X

  3. I deleted my Instagram account. I couldn’t deal with how the images of perfection made me feel.. I don’t miss it at all! I hope you come to love your new body because it’s the one that gave birth to your lovely daughter <3

    1. Awww you always have such nice things to say Christy! Thank you xx I have given up on interacting with people over Instagram. I feel people don’t want to! They just want followers! I hate it. And I don’t think too much into looking at other people’s photos now. On the news a few months ago, they said that 1 in 3 pictures is a lie. They would post either someone else’s photos or a photo they took on vacation from a year ago. This is just to keep up with the ‘perfect life’. It’s just so sad!

  4. Great post. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. I used to be fairly fit and feel confident in a bikini but since having my almost 2 year old I’ve enjoyed far too many treats and not enough exercise! I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want my daughter to know it doesn’t matter how she looks and I don’t want her to see me as someone who worries about my body. Easier said than done! x

    1. Hi there and thanks for dropping by! It is definitely one of the things we worry about but when I look at her and see how happy she is, I still can’t believe she came from me! Body image doesn’t really bother me so much anymore, I have a baby and I will go through all the pains or stitches again just to have her! 💕💕

  5. Dribbling pee when you laugh is very common post pregnancy! But regarding your body–be proud of it. If you really want your pre-pregnancy figure, you can get it back! Do it at your speed! We have 4 kids. My wife has her figure back but she works hard at it! She does the work for herself but it ties in with her self esteem.

      1. Haha, yes. He always tell me I’m so silly…I once asked him if he’d still love me if I lost all my hair (post pregnancy hair loss) and he said of course ❤❤❤

    1. Oh thank you so much! Yes dribbing pee will get worse the more kids you have haha but it’s all worth it! Oh thank you, it’s not the same but I don’t care anymore. It’s not terrible but it’s not the same and it took me so long to realise that! 4 kids! Wow! She looks amazing! PS I might get a boob job after we’ve had our kids too because theyre not the same anymore haha (totally my choice. My husband says they are fine and I worry too much 😉)

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