I Just Chopped My Finger Off!

Since changing Madeleine over to cow’s milk and back to formula (she wasn’t tolerating it very well) her sleeping has been all over the place. On top of that, she’s just popped out tooth #7, is perfecting her standing and taking her first few steps! She has a lot going on so it’s no wonder she’s having restless nights.

Restless baby means restless mommy.  With work going up to 4 days a week, I feel like I’m less mommy and more mummy (the walking dead kind!). I don’t know how other mums do it and because I’m getting very little sleep, I’m also highly irritable. Everything is ticking me off today.

Do you ever drive from point A to point B and once you’re there, you can’t remember how you got there and what happened in between? Yep, I am having one of those days. This doesn’t normally put me in a bad mood but when you’re daydreaming walking into work and almost get run over by a car hooning down the car park, it doesn’t set you up for a good day.

My head is in so many different places at the moment. Getting into a fight with the car that almost ran me over this morning, my work has an outbreak of influenza which means we’re under-staffed (Yep, don’t even get me started about that). My parents are also suffering from empty nest syndrome, which has caused them to fight a lot lately. And being the person in the middle of the argument is not fun. I’ve had to endure an hour long conversation with each of my parents and my sister (who’s recently moved out). So silly me, whilst preparing dinner, I was too caught up in my thoughts, and I chopped the tip of my finger off. Those stupid onions, if only they weren’t so oddly-shaped.

I managed to cut off part of my nail along with a decent chunk of skin. Blood everywhere. I tried my hardest not to scream as Madeleine was already asleep. Dropping f-bombs in your head just isn’t the same as shouting out loud. Needless to say, it stings and hurts with any sort of pressure. Yes, I am being a sook but I’ve had a terrible day and this was just the last straw. So I’ve since excused myself from all the house chores. I’m going to curl up in bed and say goodnight to today.

Tomorrow is a new day!




8 thoughts on “I Just Chopped My Finger Off!

  1. You poor thing!! I’m so sorry you sound like your having a mare of a time! Ouch to your poorly finger and you have my sympathies being completely zombied as a working mummy. The nighttime mares will stop soon trust me and then you can get back to being a real person hehe Hang in there! X

    1. Thank you! I re-read my post from yesterday and geez I was very moody haha. My poor finger is still sore and its lost a lot of blood haha. I need to be more careful! Thank you so much, 😊😊

    1. Thank you! Haha yes I am definitely staying away from knives. My poor finger has lost alot of blood haha! Hope you’re having a good week too xx 😊

  2. Carol! I hope you go to the hospital if needed for stitches (depending on the depth of the cut). Take care and don’t worry we’re here for you when you return with more rest xx HUGS

    1. Hi Christy! I went to my local doctor this morning haha and she laughed because my finger is missing a piece now, it’s slanted but don’t need stitches. It’s just so sore! I’m such a sook haha thank you so much. Can’t really type much but itll heal. I need to pay more attention because this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Yes, I am very clumsy! 😊😊😊

      1. Awww thanks for the update and I do hope it heals soon… Type gently 😉 I know you love blogging so this way you can still do so! Maybe it’s a sign to slow down a bit.. Sending love <3

      2. Haha yes I probably should! I strictly don’t blog over weekends as it’s family time! I’m always annoying the hubby about my blogging ideas haha. It is healing and not so painful anymore! Thanks so much and have a lovely weekend! 😉😉

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