How To Be An Organized Working Mum

It’s not easy being organized when you aren’t working from home, especially when you’re a mum. Since going back to work, I’m finding that a lot of my house chores are falling behind! There’re always 3 separate piles of clothes needing to be washed, folded and ironed, I’m always prepping, cooking and cleaning up meals, and the floors, toilets and bathrooms don’t get cleaned as often as they should!

My main priority is making sure that my family is happy and healthy. Everything else can wait. But when you are either at work or running errands, it is so difficult to keep the house in order! So I’ve come up with a few ideas to help us get more organized so that our chores don’t fall so far behind.

  1. Make sure you get everything set out the night before, this will ensure that your mornings run alot more smoothly.
    • I pick out clothes for Madeleine to wear at tomorrow’s childcare
    • I prepare Madeleine’s backpack for childcare, which is just 2 extra sets of clothes and her blanket (her soother)
    • I cook dinner for the next night as we generally all get home at about 6pm, and I want dinner on the table as soon as we walk through that front door. Otherwise it’ll be a battle keeping Madeleine awake whilst she’s eating dinner
    • I pack lunch for both my husband and I for the next day of work
    • I also prepare breakfast and try to set the table as much as possible the night before (yes, I am that crazy!)
    • I pick out my clothes that I’ll be wearing for the next day of work
    • I pack my work-bag and make sure I have all the essentials for a working mum. Won’t be needing those nappies and wipes at work!
  2. I wake up an hour before the whole house is up, so that I have time to get ready.
    • I get up at 6am to ensure that I have at least 45 minutes to myself.
    • Madeleine and my hubby wake at 6.45am
    • While I get Madeleine ready for the day, my hubby is getting ready
    • At 7am we all go downstairs and have breakfast together as a family
    • Just before I leave to go to work, I put my husband’s workbag and Madeleine’s backpack in the car. I check the house and turn off all appliances
    • Out the door by 7.30am. Hubby and myself to work and Madeleine to childcare!
  3. On Sunday mornings I plan the meals for the rest of the week and buy all the groceries we’ll need. It saves time going back and forth to the shops and money by preventing last minute lazy takeaways. Also, having healthy snacks on hand saves us from raiding the cookie jar. The weekly shopping is working at the moment but when we have more kids, we might have to revert back to online grocery shopping for even more time saving (was great during the early months when we didn’t get out much). Meal planning is key to being organised because hungry and quickly turn to hangry.
  4. Work as a team. My hubby and I tag team, when one person is bathing our daughter, the other is cleaning up after dinner. One person will then put her to sleep whilst the other cooks dinner for the next night. We make sure we alternate so that we both get a bit of time with our daughter. This seems to be working really well for us!
  5. I split my chores up. I know there’s only 3 people in our family, but there always seems to be so much clothes! I now do washing every 2 or 3 days instead of doing it all in one go. This will break up a long tedious chore into 2 or 3 mini chores spread over a week and therefore it won’t be so daunting.
  6. We have a calendar/diary up on our kitchen bench. In this diary, we write all our social events and important dates to remember so that we all know what’s happening. This is a must! Especially because my hubby is terrible with dates.

What are your mum hacks? What do you do to make your day run more smoothly?

7 thoughts on “How To Be An Organized Working Mum

  1. One of the things I love most about this post is that you and your hubby work together 🙂 I’ve heard some moms say they “do it all” and that’s not right.. it’s a family not a mom does it all unit… Great tips, Carol!!

    1. Oh no, I can’t do it all. It has to be a joint effort as I’m working now! He’s amazing, he helps out alot. And he’s wants more kids, so I’m always saying if you want more kids you have to help out! Haha xx

    1. Thank you! Glad that you’ve found them useful as it means I’m on the right track with my organizational skills haha 😂

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