Changing Over To Cow’s Milk (and a 12 Month Old Baby Update)

Tonight I snapped it at my husband. I probably shouldn’t have but I did. Since changing Madeleine over to cow’s milk, it has done some odd things to her sleep. She wakes up every few hours overnight and cries to be put back to sleep. I’m one sleep-deprived mumma at the moment and my poor husband is copping it big time. I will have to beg for his forgiveness tomorrow when we are talking again!

I’ve been trialing cow’s milk in Madeleine’s cereal for about a month now and she was tolerating it quite well. So we decided to go ahead and change all her bottles over (from formula) and I’ve done this over a week. She doesn’t have much at this age, only 100mL at 1.30pm and about 150mL at bedtime. I give her yogurt and cheese as well to make sure she meets the required calcium intake.

When we changed her bottles over, I noticed that she wasn’t sleeping through anymore. She’ll continually wake up throughout the night. I’ve lost count as to how many times. I wake up in the morning unsure if I’m feeling refreshed or tired (I only realize how tired I am when I doze off, which is shortly interrupted by Madeleine’s crying when she’s done with her nap).

Every time we’ve changed her diet, it always seems to impact her sleep. Whether it be starting solids, starting formula or stopping breastfeeding. It may just be a coincidence and usually after a few weeks, her sleeping gets better. It definitely is a guessing game this mother gig! But we’ve ruled out an allergy possibility as she has been on cow’s milk for at least a month now with no issues. I’ll probably take her in to see the doctor just to double checking that everything is alright.

She has gone down to just 1 nap a day! Which is a good and a bad thing. A bad thing because I can’t get any housework done! I can’t seem to get her to nap for the 2 hours she’s suppose to have. She will sleep for only 40 minutes to maybe an hour and a half. One nap makes running errands so much easier though.

Her eating has improved! She wants to use the spoon now but hasn’t quite grasped the concept yet. It’s cute watching her try to use it. We show her how to maneuver it and the nurse said she’ll probably won’t get the hang of it until about 18 months. I’ve started introducing her to a cup as well. She seems to like it so far. But most of the time, she still uses her sippy cup.

She’s settled into childcare. She’s eating and sleeping well. It took her about 2 months to get use to it. However, she has been sick on and off catching all the different bugs from other children! A good friend of mine said you can generally tell if it’s a good childcare center just by looking at the child. If the child opens up their arms to the educators, then that’s a great sign! Madeleine definitely has been doing this! Since starting, she has learnt to paint, harvest carrots and has been quite vocal at home!

She currently has 6 teeth: 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom. I think she might be getting some more as earlier this week the poor baby had a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). It was quite a stressful moment for me, but by removing her clothes and giving her some medication, it quickly settled!

Earlier this week, I was telling the nurse that this is the best age! For the first time in the past year, I am relaxed as ever. She’s standing and taking her first few steps. She can copy any sounds or action I make, which is really cute! Her personality is coming through and I’m learning more and more about her each day!

Did you enjoy the 1 year mark? Did you experience any issues when switching your little one over to cow’s milk?

5 thoughts on “Changing Over To Cow’s Milk (and a 12 Month Old Baby Update)

  1. The way I saw it with my two was that formula is almost like a full meal in the sence it fills there belly. Although they’ve had dinner and milk so there not hungry it takes some getting used to for them not to sleep through just because there full to the brim! ( I hope this makes sence) with my daughter I weaned her off formula slowly bringing her down oz at a time replacing it with milk and I didn’t have any problems with her. My son however I did the same a you a he went cold turkey. He’s never been the best sleeper but that deffinalty didn’t help and he was waking every few hours it only lasted a few weeks though until her adjusted. Xx

    1. Hi there! Thanks for commenting! I have since decided to slowly wean her now because I actually think shes getting some gas. She keeps passing gas poor thing. Shes also been really whiney but I don’t know if that just coincides with her milestone development. So we are changing the afternoon bottle to cow’s milk and keeping her bedtime bottle the same. Might have to do it over a month or something! Thanks alot for your advice xx 😊😊😊

    1. Well done! 16 months is a long time, good on you for lasting this long! I had to stop because I lost my supply due to restarting work and because she grew teeth! Ouch!

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