Weekly Recap & A New Addition To The Family

This week has been one of the best week of motherhood so far. I am happy and content, despite the anxiety of returning back to work and Madeleine being sick.

My hubby and I are happy, we haven’t fought this week. However, we did rescue a cat the week earlier and due to my poor organisational skills, I haven’t bought a scratch pole yet and the cat has left holes in my husband’s expensive chesterfield couch. He is not happy about that but we as a couple managed to spend some alone time together watching movies and eating chocolate! He is so helpful with Madeleine and supportive with me going back to work.

I have made the decision to allow Madeleine to continue sleeping in our bed. I believe at this age, they go through major separation anxiety and her being at childcare (I’ve upped it to 3 days this week), has made her miss me more. It seems cruel to also ask of her to fight this anxiety and sleep in the cot. She’s been able to sleep right through  (12 hours) since sleeping with us. The 12 hours is a godsend. I don’t know why I didn’t just follow my instincts and let her sleep with us earlier. When she was sleeping alone, I was waking up at 4am trying to settle her in the cot for 2 hours. It was not fun. It’s cold and I’m sleepy!

Our newest addition to the family, a domestic medium hair cat, who we named Rollsy because he rolls alot, is settling in so well! We rescued him from the Lost Dog Home and thought he’d be great with Madeleine. I always thought cats were laid back and slept all day. But, I was wrong.  This cat is always hyperactive and wanting to play. It’s as if he’s on steroids or something. Madeleine goes crazy and screams when they are together. It’s so cute watching them play!

I have also made the decision to reduce my hours back at work. I miss Madeleine so much, and want to spend time with her while still making bills. So I’ll be returning back to work at 4 days in the near future instead of 5. My profession allows me to work weekends as well, so there’s always potential to make back the money lost from having one weekday off.

I also manage to have some alone time. Got some grooming done at the salon. It really has done me good, I feel like a whole new person! I am more relaxed these days, getting use to things like Madeleine not eating while she’s teething and her being sick. I am cool, calm and collected and just run with it. I guess the full 8 hours sleep overnight has helped too. I really hope this lasts. Now that I’ve bragged about it, I’ve probably jinxed myself!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap & A New Addition To The Family

  1. thanks much for visiting my blog, Carol – am much enjoying your wonderful site – please be gentle on yourself. when I was growing up, my mom often regarded my father as ‘babysitting’ when really he contributed less than most fathers. we are all so hard on ourselves. your blog is a good reminder that we’re all human 🙂

    1. Thank you so much xx yes, I am learning to be more gentle and just go with it now! No point getting worried and worked up! Having other mum friends has really helped me get through motherhood. I definitely found it challenging and still learning everyday! Xx

  2. very cute cat:) (mine’s ginger & white too) how old is he? cats are quite playful when they’re young and later on too, it depends on their character and your involvement with them. but they also tend to sleep a lot:)

    1. Rollsy is 2 years old! We rescued him and he is adorable! He is however, so very active (alot more than my jack Russell haha). So we are still getting use to it! He does sleep, but not alot! I love how cats are just toilet trained. Saves alot of time and effort! Xx

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