My Thirties


​I didn’t really celebrate my 30th birthday properly as I just had Madeleine and it was too overwhelming to organise anything. It didn’t really hit me that I’ve just entered a new decade of my life!

Growing up, it took me a while to accept myself and really appreciate life. My teens were spent trying to fit in whilst rebelling against my parents. My twenties were spent finding myself and really getting to know what I want from life. Entering my thirties, I am a different person. I am confident, determined and more accepting of myself. I feel settled yet powerful as I know what I want professionally, socially and independently.

At thirty, I am proud to say that I wear a few hats: daughter, wife and mother amongst other things such as a homeowner and a career woman. Being a daughter, wife and mother is what I value most in life. Although professionally and socially that’s important too, a balance is definitely something that I am getting better at accomplishing.

So what do I want to do next? I know that the most important thing to me in life, are those that cannot be won or bought. Time spent with family and friends is what I hold dearest to my heart. I often have a fear that I’ll run out of time to spend with my loved ones. I am currently planning a family camping trip for later this year, however my parents (being more Asian and less Australian) aren’t too keen on the camping bit due to fear of snakes and kangaroos.

Travelling and learning about different cultures are next on my list. Alongside discovering nature through hiking and camping, I love travelling to underprivileged countries especially those that leave a lasting impression on how little people require in order to feel complete. I learnt how to appreciate my life especially travelling to my parent’s home country, Vietnam. We have booked in a holiday to go there in May next year to give Madeleine a tour. I think its important for kids to learn at a young age, how lucky we have it in Australia.

Lastly, my professional life: before I left work for maternity leave, I was very career focused. To say that I’m no longer career driven wouldn’t be correct. But, I feel settled, I am happy where I am. I want to go to work and do a great job so that I can provide for my family.  I’ve never been a fan of work politics and it no longer phases me at all.

So, I welcome my thirties with open arms. The older I become, the better life seems to get for me. My journey through life is less blurry. What I want and what I desire are becoming more and more clear to me.

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