My Daughter is Becoming a Brat at 11 months!

20170705_093015Oh come on, stop the fake crying! Mummy just put you down to do some cleaning!

Whilst I write this, I am attempting to put my 11 month old to sleep, in her cot. Lately, she’s been real difficult with sleeping on her own. She won’t nap when she’s due to and she won’t nap unless she’s in our bed, and we have to sleep with her too. My daughter use to sleep within 10 minutes of being put down for sleep time and will stay asleep for ages! I fear that my daughter is becoming a brat!

Lately, she’s outsmarted the both of us! With fake cries and throwing tantrums… and she hasn’t even entered her terrible twos yet! She even cries on demand or pretends to cough to get our attention. The waterworks just seem to turn on as soon as we place her into the cot! Or when she doesn’t want to sleep!

I’m worried that she’ll turn out to be a spoilt little brat. “I want this mummy” and she’ll turn on the waterworks right there and then until I give in. Her tantrums sound like every other toddler I hear in the middle of the supermarket (those poor parents).

How do I stop this from happening? How do you show who’s boss so that your baby doesn’t outsmart you? She’s only 11 months! How do they get so smart at such a young age? I am torn between loving her to bits and worried that my discipline will be too rough for her.

Today is one of those days. Wish there was a delete button. House is a mess, dishes are piling up and dinner wasn’t cooked. I haven’t brushed my teeth or showered. I have had enough! And yet, she’ll smile at me tomorrow with those puppy eyes and I’ll mindlessly ask my hubby, “Can we just try for another one now!” And the cycle continues…

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