July Goals

Probably a tad bit late but better late than never is what they say! 

Mother & Baby:

  • Madeleine has started childcare successfully at 2 days a week. I’m hoping that she won’t cry at pick up time (which happened last Friday – Yay!)
  • Buy more Size 1 clothing, babies grow so quick that I cannot keep up!
  • Get my hair done before I restart work. It’s in terrible condition and in desperate need of a cut.
  • At the end of July, I’m restarting work at 2 days a week! Which is scary and exciting at the same time. Glad to be making money again to be honest (don’t know how we survived with me being off for 1 year!)
  • Pay off our credit card debt and save money!
  • Plan Madeleine’s first birthday: I still need to organize a play area for the kids, show bags, her cake!


  • My goal has always been 1 post a week but I loved that I have time at the moment to post almost daily or every other day. I will continue to try and post once a week!
  • Maybe open up a Facebook page? I don’t feel that blogs would do well on Facebook as people like to see pictures and not read?
  • Try and figure out how to add a button for click here to see further post on a different page! I’m really feeling my age when it comes to technology. It has taken me forever to set up my blog site!
  • Tell 5 people I know about my blog (so scary)

What are you all up to in July?

7 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. You don’t have a technical click here button but just before the moment box there is blogs posts listed to view? Not sure if you are aware?
    Omg your so brave I haven’t told anyone about my blog still I’m to scared x

    1. I want a next page to see more post click. Right now it just says load more. I’m telling you I’m only 30 but I can’t seem to keep up with technology! Haha, I don’t care anymore. I use to be so frightened but I love blogging and people can talk but I’ll still shrug my shoulders! Be brave! 😊😊

  2. Im 30 nxt year and I’m the same i can work my phone and the basics lol that’s good enough for me. But my cousin is 15 and the things he can do they tech coding at school! Wtf I can’t believe how much of an old munchy he finds me!… im trying to be brave but I’m a chicken at heart x

    1. Im 31! It’s amazing how quick kids learn these days. I feel like I’m too slow for technology, especially when I see 5 year olds already talking about up and coming technology trends! Like what the hell, I was probably playing with barbie dolls at that age!

      1. I didn’t get my first phone until high school I was 12! And even that I shared with my dad!! My 3yr old got a tablet (only a basic one not a iPad) for Christmas last year! 🤣

    1. Thank you so much xx it will be a scary transition back to work but I think its better to keep myself busy when shes at childcare otherwise I’d go crazy! Xx

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