I Want Another Baby But I Am Scared

Recently another blogger, Mummy 123, wrote a fantastic piece on feeling a tad bit “jealous” of pregnant women, you can read about it here. Both myself and my blogger friend, have something in common. We are both a mother of 1. I use to work in an IVF Clinic and completely sympathize with women juggling the struggles of falling pregnant and the jealously they couldn’t help but feel towards childbearing women. However, I thought being a mother of 1, and being able to fall pregnant very easily, I could never relate to this on a personal level. But I too, am finding myself feeling a bit jealous of pregnant women.

I am desperate to try for a second baby and can’t wait until Madeleine is old enough for my hubby to be ready for another one. How old? He is yet to decide on an age! But, at the same time, I am scared too. Scared of not being able to handle it. I had a rough start to motherhood and I’m scared it will happen all over again. The other day,  I mentioned to a few of my single friends, getting pregnant, being pregnant, birth and recovery is the easy bit (maybe except the first pee). The hard bit is looking after the baby and the sleep deprivation!

I think I’m just being annoying here and should probably be grateful that I’m lucky enough to try for a second. However, I often wonder how other mums do it. At childcare, another mother brought in her 2 very gorgeous looking twins that made my ovaries explode! I guess looking in, it looks easy but I’ve learnt that it’s never as easy as it looks! Social media, such as Instagram makes everything look so much better than it really is. It’s such a powerful tool, but also a good one to make you feel like a complete failure.

My heart yearns to give Madeleine a sibling. Half of me wants to dive in and just run with it.  The other half, tells me to wait a bit, enjoy this time until I see another cute baby and my heart takes over my mind! I am also aware of the struggles with infertility especially with age, so that too is on my mind. The thought of losing my wage for another year is also scary. I don’t know how we survived it this time! So mothers, when is a good time to try? What age difference did you find worked for you? What are the factors you considered when deciding to try for another baby?

5 thoughts on “I Want Another Baby But I Am Scared

  1. Awesome post. <> totally a personal decision. We waited 4 years.
    <<> 4 worked for me <<> I remembered the pain of labor. I loved being pregnant, but the delivery was rough. We wanted 2, but for us, 4 years apart worked well.

    1. Some days are good and I say I want another one, some days are bad and then I change my mind. At this present moment, my daughter is almost 1. I’m not quite ready yet, I feel like I just got my life back! I’m torn between giving her a sibling and having my own life back! 😬

      1. All valid. I felt the same way. I would enjoy her, yourself, s d your hubby. You’re young so you have time to plan and be mentally ready. 1 child is a challenge, 2 is double that challenge. 💟

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