Flower Crowns

Custom Made Flower Crown from here

I am so happy that we had a girl. I didn’t realize this until she was born! We always said we wanted 3 kids, I don’t mind if they are all girls but to have all 3 boys seems a bit unfair to me. It would be 4 males up against one female defending herself on things such as why we have hair all over the bathroom floor! I wanted a girl to share all the girly things that girls do. So naturally, with Madeleine’s 1st birthday next month, today we are looking at flower crowns to go with her outfit! I wanted matching flower crowns with her, and this is what I’ve fallen in love with (I actually want them all!):


Clockwise from the Left:

1. Dusty Pink Floral Crown from here
2. Ella Rosa (Kids) Crown from here
3. Bouquet Flower Crowns from here
4. Mini Crowns from here
5. Tieback Flower Crown Headband from here
6. Gold Purple Flower Crown Tieback Headband from here 

I am in love with the first one from Lilly and Lace! What’s great about it is that they also make a matching one for the mum as well!


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