Disposable Nappy Review

There are 3 factors we considered when choosing a nappy brand that suited our baby: comfort, absorbency and price. Here is my review on each the brands we tried:

Eco by Naty Nappies: $14 a box, 61 cents per nappy

These are the best green nappies on the market that we have tried. They are absorbent, easy to put on and have very big tabs to securely keep the nappy in place. Eco by Naty nappies are very forgiving when it comes to sizing. The sticky tabs are extra long so it doesn’t matter if you go up to the next size too soon, or stay on the same size for too long.

We never had a leak and the inner net kept the explosions contained within the nappy. Naty’s have made great strides in the biodegradability of their nappies but it’s meant a thinner, almost paper-like finish (reminiscent of recycle paper!). I probably wouldn’t use them if Madeleine was a newborn as it could be a bit rough but they didn’t seem to bother her at 7 months.

This nappy unfortunately does not have a wetness indicator, so I could not see whether or not she had pee’d. However, given that the nappy itself is quite thin, you can easily tell if it has been soaked. The only reason why we don’t use this brand anymore is purely because it is just so expensive (Woolworths had these on sale at $14 a box, 61 cents per nappy). This was double to triple the cost of the other disposable nappies on the market.

Overnight: This nappy leaked when I used it overnight (12 hours) and unfortunately had to use Huggies overnight

Wetness indicator: NO

Nappy rash: Madeleine did not get a nappy rash

Surprisingly when I did a Google review on this brand, they had terrible reviews. However, I have no complaints about them and if they weren’t so expensive, I would still be using them today!

Tooshies by TOM: $15.49 a box of 38, 40 cents per nappy

This brand is a bit hard to find. They are not kept at all Woolworths or Coles and therefore I had to go to their website to locate some. This nappy had great customer feedback, however, I did not like this brand very much. I found the sizing to be a tad small. I had to keep going up a size. The tabs were also quite small (similar to Huggies) and you couldn’t stretch it as much as you could with the other nappies on the market. The fit just wasn’t quite right for our daughter. I do love the designs on this nappy though! It always fascinates my daughter and gives her ‘something new’ to play with whilst I change her nappy. This green nappy doesn’t feel as rough as the Eco by Natys, so it is probably a better option for newborns.

We didn’t have a leak with this one either as it also had an inner net keeping everything contained. Price was also on the expensive side but wasn’t as expensive as the Eco by Natys. At Chemist Warehouse they were $15.49 a box of 38, 40 cents per nappy which is quite reasonably priced for an organic nappy.

Overnight: This nappy leaked when I used it overnight (12 hours) and unfortunately had to use Huggies overnight

Wetness indicator: NO

Nappy rash: Madeleine did not get a nappy rash

Huggies: On sale at $25 a box, 25 cents per nappy (usually $33 a box though, 33 cents per nappy)

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This is by far my favourite brand of nappies to use. I always feel a little guilty buying these ones though, as deep down, I know that it’s not environmentally friendly. The prices are quite reasonable and it is one of the best disposable nappies as well. I love how there’s a wetness indicator. The indicator allows me to quickly check whether she requires changing without getting her to lie down. They’ve now included this in the crawler size too making them the only brand that has extended it to crawler size!  

Overnight: This brand is the only brand that does not leak when I use them overnight. Sometimes, my daughter would sleep for 13 to 14 hours overnight, and even though this is more than the 12 hours indicated on the box, it still does not leak! I am in love with this brand.

The only downside to this brand is that when we used it for Madeleine as a newborn, her thighs were so skinny that the nappies wouldn’t fit properly causing a lot of leaks. The only brand that didn’t cause this was Babylove as they have the cosifit range which is a more snug fit! However, when she started putting on weight, the snug fit caused a rash and therefore we had to move back to the Huggies brand!

Wetness indicator: Yes (up to Crawler)

Nappy rash: Madeleine did not get a nappy rash

BabyLove Cosifit: $13.50 for a box, 28 cents per nappy

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This brand is my second best. I used this a lot when Madeleine was younger as the Cosifit and the “Double Support Gathers” around her thigh meant that it was a snug fit decreasing leakage. However as she got to 3 months, her thighs started getting bigger, and although, the company states that their new patent technology reduces pressure on delicate skin, this actually still caused her friction resulting in eczema. Therefore, we had two options, either to move up a size or go back to Huggies. Her ezcema is quite bad so I didn’t want to risk a flare up and went back to Huggies instead.

Overnight: Will last up to 12 hours without a leak, which is what the box states. However, any longer than this and you’ll be doing a full change of clothes. My daughter slept through the night at 3 months, sometimes 13 to 14 hours, which meant there would be a leak! During the day we would be changing her every 2 to 4 hours so the nappy held up quite well with no leakages. During the day though, because we were changing it every 2 to 4 hours, the nappy contained everything quite well, and there was no leakage.

Wetness indicator: Yes (up to Infant only)

Nappy rash: Madeleine did not get a nappy rash
BabyLove is quite reasonable priced too. When on sale, it is only $10 a box, which is only 21 cents per nappy.

Aldi Mamia Superfit: $4.29 a pack, 15 cents per nappy

On google, there are many positive reviews with this brand. Yes it is very cheap, at only 15 cents per nappy. It is quite thin and is quite a good fit for my daughter. We did not experience any leaks, but I didn’t find it to be very absorbent. When changing her, her poo would run off the nappy. As it wasn’t very absorbent, my daughter ended up with a very bad nappy rash only after a day of using these nappies. Sadly, we had to change back to Huggies.

Overnight: We didn’t get a chance to use it overnight but I would say that the nappy isn’t very absorbent and wouldn’t have lasted overnight.

Wetness indicator: NO

Nappy rash: Madeleine did get a nappy rash

Thank You Nappies: $33 a pack, 55 cents per nappy

Thankyou-nappies-babies-800x417Madeleine’s childcare uses Thank You nappies. We have only used it a few times, but have got really good results for it. It is thin, absorbent and the fit is similar to the Huggies range. I’ve only worn it for her during the day, at max 3 hours and it has not leaked.

Overnight: I have been told that these nappies don’t last through the night. I am a bit reluctant to give any other brands a go, as Huggies has been working pretty well for us.

Wetness indicator: NO

Nappy rash: Madeleine did not get a nappy rash

5 thoughts on “Disposable Nappy Review

  1. I still have the skinny leg problem with my 20month old. So many people have recommended buggies but you can’t buy them in the UK! They stopped selling nappies in 2012 of think. We can only get buggies wipes (which are crap) swimming nappies and the potty training pants bed mats etc? 😂😂

    1. Hello! How come they stop selling the Huggies? They are so big here in Australia! Haha, it’s always so hard to find the right fit. It took us so long! But I like the Huggies mainly because it has a wetness indicator and it doesn’t leak! Potty training sounds like hard work haha 😥😧😅

      1. I’m not 100% sure something to do with not commanding customer loyalty? They don’t sell them at all on Europe except Italy. Just wipes pull ups etc. Which I have to say there pull ups are the best! Which is why I’m so gutted I’ve never been able to try there taped nappies. Potty training is “interesting” and testing but so worth it in the send but you have ages until you need to start thinking about that. X

      2. There’s just so much to learn haha! I might give the pull ups a go as she’s wriggling so much im struggling to put her nappies on at the moment! Xx

      3. I did that with my son for a while but I find as there ment to toddlers even the pamper pants which are advised for crawler! The don’t hold much and as they aren’t taped up really tight 🤣 when the go to the toilet they begin to fall down, sag and bag around the legs. Leading to leaks and spilages 😭😝

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