Childless For A Day


For the last year, Madeleine was pretty much attached to me (for many reasons,  you can read about it here and here about my struggles with early motherhood). So I was never really childless and had very little time for myself. Now that I’ve experienced it all, I know how important it is to make sure there’s enough ‘me’ time for the sake of my mental state (happy mum means happy baby). She’s taken to childcare and others minding her so well and suddenly, I have so much time on my hands! There are a few things I could do when I’m childless for a day:

1. Spy on her at childcare because I’m the one with separation anxiety. Even though, I complain there’s not enough me time.

2. Go home and clean the house without a toddler following you. Seems like a waste of my day and it’ll probably just get dirty again the next day (that’s the excuse I’m running with).

3. Get up-to-date with my grooming. I could book myself in to get my eyebrows done or some waxing done. But this also seems like a waste of my day. As I get older and especially now that I’m a mum, I couldn’t care less about the way I look. Hah!

4. Or lastly, sleep. I miss sleep so much, sleep when the baby sleeps is what they say. How can I when I get so happy its ‘me’ time? There’s no time for sleep!

So guess what I did? I decided to put on make up and go for a hike instead. Yep, weird combination but this is what I miss doing! I really enjoy hiking and going for long walks especially in the bush. I am an out-doorsy kind of girl. I love camping,  hiking and travelling.

So here’s a few pictures to brag about my childless day in Marysville, Australia. Unfortunately the weather has been pretty bad, but I really enjoyed the freedom for a few hours.

I probably should get up-to-date with my grooming though, haven’t had a hair cut in almost a year!

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