11 Month Baby Update 

A month off a year old, I still can’t believe it. To be more exact, I can’t believe we have survived a year and there’s no intentions of a divorce yet (haha). They say becoming parents changes your relationship and it certainly has, but we are still growing strong (most of the time). 

Words to describe this month: separation anxiety, fussy, refusing naps, screaming and crying. I’m pretty use to it by this stage, so it doesn’t phase me as much as it use to.

So this month,  Madeleine:

1. Won’t sleep in her cot, she’d rather sleep in our bed. I am trying to retrain her and I’ll let you all know how it goes. She’s also waking up about 2 to 3 times overnight.

2. She won’t play in her play pen anymore. She wants to be next to me all day long and will crawl up my legs and whinge until she is picked up.

3. She has started childcare and is settling in very well. I’m restarting work soon at 2 days a week so it’s reassuring to know she’s eating, and sleeping well there. She does cry a bit when I pick her up but it’s no where near as bad as I thought it would be.

4. She’s currently sick: In combination with teething, she also has a runny nose. I know that she’s bound to get sick more regularly now that she’s at childcare! We will take it day by day!

5. She is refusing naps: When I put her down to nap, she’ll roll over and crawl off, or sits up and starts laughing at me. If I don’t get the timing right, she’ll then scream until I take her out of the cot! Some days she’ll have 2 naps, some only 1 nap. It really depends on how early she wakes in the morning.

6. Solids: This month we are starting to give her more raw foods. For example, raw apples, raw pear and raw vegetables. I know some parents started this earlier, but Madeleine kept getting a red bottom, so we waited a few months to reintroduce raw foods. Her texture is pretty much the same as ours but it still has to be soft. She knows that she has to chew before swallowing. Sometimes, she does forget and coughs it up. The gagging is almost gone at this age (was common until about 9 months).

7. She is becoming better and better at letting us know what she wants. If she’s playing with something and you take it away from her, she’ll cry and will reach over until you give it back to her! The best way to avoid this, is to give her something else to distract her!

8. Poos are becoming more like ours and it really stinks. Ew.

9. She hasn’t stood up very much, which never concerned me until the maternal health nurse made a big deal of it the other day. I try to encourage her to stand and start walking with a walker but she gets scared when she falls over. I guess she won’t be walking for a while! She’s otherwise developing well. She is also copying me, and knows how to wave goodbye, she knows how to clap and gives people hi-fives. She does try to talk, especially when I come to pick her up from childcare and it’s too bloody cute!

Our schedule currently looks like this with 1 nap:

Wake up: 8am
Breakfast: 8.30am
Morning tea: 9.30am
Lunch: 11.30am
Nap: 12.30am til 2pm
Bottle 1: 2pm
Afternoon snack: 3pm
Dinner: 5pm
Bottle: 7pm
Bedtime: between 7pm and 8pm.

If she does have 2 naps,  it is normally at 10am til 1130am and the second one is usually at 3 or 4pm (or she’ll skip it and she does last to bedtime without getting too tired). She will usually have 2 naps if she’s up early  (around 630am).

I feel like my schedule is going haywire. But she’s growing really well and is generally happy, so I guess that’s the most important thing! In the next 3 weeks, I’ll probably cut out her afternoon bottle. She still takes quite alot at that time, so I will slowly have to wean her off and increase more diary snacks instead.

I am going to introduce cows milk just for her cereal at breakfast and see if she’s tolerating that well and will change her over completely around 14 months.

6 thoughts on “11 Month Baby Update 

  1. She’s SO adorable. What a beautiful little girl.

    My youngest refused to sleep during the day from birth. By the time it got to bedtime every day, he was a miniature zombie, but still fought to stay awake. I’d put him down to sleep, but he’d just lie in his bassinet or cot and watch his colourful mobile or coo to himself for hours. He slept through the night from 5 weeks, and I can only assume he must have been exhausted, as no-one could figure out why he didn’t sleep. I tried to get him into the same routine my first son had, but he wasn’t having it. He refused his bottle constantly when offered, although he was hungry, and although not fussy about food, he changed his mind on a daily basis about when he would and wouldn’t eat. The only thing that was consistent with him was the nappy changes.

    1. Thank you! And thanks so much for dropping by! She is an ‘easy’ baby is what I’m told (I have no idea) sometimes I feel like the routine works but lately it’s gone out the window! It’s so hard, I read so many books but at the end of the day I’ve learnt that every baby is different! As long as their healthy and growing I guess that’s all that matters! She hasn’t been the best lately and refusing alot of her food but she’s happy! It’s a guessing game most of the times! Haha! Xx

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