A Year After Birth

Before I started this blog, I promised myself 2 things:

1. Always write from the heart (sorry that sounds a bit corny)
2. Post at least once a week even if I’m sleep deprived and super busy.

This is my second attempt at a blog. The first one was really raw. I was too afraid to show my face and I kept it a secret. This time, I’ve let go of the insecurities and have stepped out into the spotlight! I have found myself really enjoying this and have met quite a few amazing people. So much so, that I seem to be blogging more than once a week unintentionally!

I thought I’d talk about something a little lighter and funnier this week, just a heads up for my male followers, this is a bit personal. Let’s talk about how the female body changes after birth! One of the first things people think of is our lady bits, but that is actually the only thing of mine that I would say hasn’t changed much (sorry, TMI!). Maybe with subsequent pregnancies, this might change. There are so many changes that I didn’t consider before having a baby!

1. Hair: I had the thick, luscious, silky hair during pregnancy. I absolutely loved it! About 5 months after birth, chunks of hair started falling out to the point where I thought I’d go bald! I couldn’t see any hair growing back, and turned to ask my husband whether he’d still love me if I was bald (he said yes!). My hair started to grow back roughly 2 months later but my hairline is almost all baby hair! FYI, hairspray and gel just isn’t enough to keep it down. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

2. Excess belly skin: I mean this is a given. You can’t really expect your belly to expand and go back to nothing. But those instagram photos of model mums fool you! They make you think everything goes back to normal. Well, mine didn’t, I am quite a petite girl (size 6 by nature) but my belly has excess wrinkly skin. I am not embarrassed by this and will continue wearing a bikini regardless. My stretch marks and excess belly are my battle scars and I will wear them with my head held high!‎

3. Your breasts: I went up a size during pregnancy, up another 2 sizes during breastfeeding and dropped a size after stopping breastfeeding. They just aren’t the same anymore, I need so much more support now. There goes my Victoria Secret collection…

4. Weight: I am blessed in that I’ve always been a skinny petite girl without exercising but after I’ve had Madeleine, I have lost a lot more weight than my usual, probably a bit too much. I’m struggling to put the weight back on. My pre-pregnancy skinny jeans are more like baggy jeans. It could be because I’m constantly running after a very mobile baby and I just don’t have time to eat a well balanced diet. This will have to change!

5. Permanent under-eye bags: this is quite normal for most of us. But I have really bad bags. It’s no longer an exaggeration when I have friends and family asking me why my eyes are bruised or whether or not I’ve fallen onto my face. The worst was when the maternal health nurse asked my husband “if I was abused and whether it was normal that I looked so pale”. Firstly, I just had a baby and I had no make up on. Secondly, it’s rather insulting to suggest that my husband is an abuser! 

6. Sweating! A LOT of sweating! I always carry a can of deodorant with me now. It is a necessity, especially on winter days when I’ve overdressed or if I’m running to an appointment. Ever since I’ve fallen pregnant, I sweat like crazy and I am always so hot! I can only wear breathable clothing now.‎

7. Heightened sense of smell: My sense of smell definitely became more sensitive during pregnancy but even after giving birth, I have a really good sense of smell.  I can smell garbage or dirty clothes from a mile away.‎

Thankfully, I had a really good birth. It was pain-free as I asked for the epidural from the get go. I didn’t tear at all, however I did have an episiomoty which was a bit sore for a few days. Looking back, it was ridiculous how long we spent researching the delivery. We should’ve spent more time reading up on how to clean up vomit and poop!

The past year has seen my life and my body forever changed but I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

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      1. After two children, my bra doesn’t have to work too hard but I love them all the same! They did an amazing job and I have to be proud of that! Xo

  1. A dear friend of mine described her breasts as cow udders after having 4 boys. I thought she was exadurating but after 2 kids my self I have to totally agree ! #cowudders
    Also a little tip on the baby hair… a thin/soft styling wax just make sure it has a little hold. (The sort you would use on a pixi cut.) X

    1. Thank you so much for getting in contact! Yes they are, it definately felt like cow udders especially when expressing 😂😅 I will definately try the hair styling technique, it’s pretty bad at the moment, when people talk to me, I can see them looking at it!

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