Will I Ever Be A Good Enough Mother?

As a mother, the most peaceful time is often when the kids are sleeping. It’s when their bodies grow and their minds dream. As I gaze at her, watching her smiling in her sleep or reaching out at nothing, my mind also wanders. I think back to her newborn days where every day was a struggle. Everything was dedicated to her thriving, whilst I seemingly survived on adrenaline (and Ubereats!). I wasn’t sure if we would make it through. Those days seem like a while ago, but somehow the doubts I struggled with still creep into my thoughts.

‎What am I doing? Am I providing her with enough opportunities? What kind of role model am I? Will she be a good person?
In Madeleine’s life so far, I have plenty of regrets already. I should’ve done this and I shouldn’t have done that. I’ve had many days where I wish I could press delete or wish I had done things differently. My biggest concern now that I’m returning back to work, is if work life affects my relationship with her. What if I’m not a good enough mother because I don’t spend enough time with her?
‘I’m not enough’ are words that can detract from the joys of motherhood and undermine my confidence. No more! I am enough and I am worthy. I will try everyday to be the best mum I can be. Naturally I’ll still have doubts, but when she grows up, I’ll be able to say that although I wasn’t perfect I was the best I could be.
Motherhood is tough and definitely makes me second guess myself. However, I believe that in order for me to be the best mum I can be, I need to realize that I am enough and love myself first. Only then can I truly care for and love her completely.

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  1. I LOVE this post! I have chills. I’m a mother of a 3 year old and 4 year old. I think this is just part of motherhood because after I put my kids to bed last night, I sat there wondering, “Was I a good enough mommy today?” The sad part is the answer I gave to myself was no. I think it’s because we see them and how amazing they are and we just never think we can be good enough. But exactly like you said- we are. It’s a hard road, but we making it, mama. 🙂❤️

    1. Thank you for getting in touch! Wow, you’re a mother of a 3 and a 4 year old (#supermum)! That is tough work right there and you’ve done really well! On good days, I feel great but some days are harder. I think the important thing to remember is, we are always going to be so critical of ourselves because we always want the best for our kids. We are definately making it! ❤

  2. I think a lot of parents wonder how they’re doing in the role of mom or dad.. but the main thing is to love your child and then you know you’re on track 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! That is definately correct, we are often so hard on ourselves because we want the best for our child! And being it’s our first, it is such an overwhelming feeling. It’s good to know that alot of parents feel like this ❤❤

  3. You sound like a wonderful mum Carol! Don’t second guess what you are doing and the choices you are making, just do what feels right for your family! Xo

    1. Awww! Thanks Tanya, it’s so easy to be so critical of yourself, as it’s the first time round and also as a mother you’d want the best for your baby. But, it is getting easier for me and I’m less harsh on myself, which means I’m starting to enjoy being a mother! Xx 😊🤗

  4. I have been a mum for 27 years to four and its not easy at all as for mistake well dont think we got time lol ive made some woopers I think as long as you are trying and you are aware of your babys needs your doing a very so well done you i will send you my nitemare teenager if you like x

    1. Wow! Mum of 4, my hubby initially wants 4. It is definately hard work and you don’t realise it until you have your own! Teenage years must be difficult, another level of parenthood! Thanks for the advice, some days it’s bad and get tiring and I don’t feel like I’m doing too well. Some days are so great that I want to try for another!

      1. i dont no about super i learned the hard way in life but i made it all four of my children o love and am very proud of my youngest teenager from somewhere i believe my father sent her to me for punishment for what I put him through lol

      2. Haha. This would be something my parents would say. Luckily I wasn’t a rebel growing up but that’s not to say my daughter won’t be a handful later!

      3. Just keep trying your best that all you can do only one bit of advice for the teenagers try and be one step ahead of them if not ahead then right behind kicking there
        ankles lol xxxx

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