Why I Joined A Mother’s Group

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So today I joined a Mother’s Group. It took a very long time for me to realize how fantastic it is to have other mummy friends!

After I gave birth, so many things were happening in my life that made me close off from the world. It is supposed to be the happiest time, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I am extremely grateful that we are blessed with a healthy baby girl and I love her to the moon and back, but it took a while to feel this incredible bond! So when my maternal health nurse advised me to join a group, I quickly brushed it off and thought to myself “it’s silly, I have my friends and family, that’s all I need”. I wasn’t feeling particularly sociable and was so overwhelmed with a newborn, I was in my own world. Time passed and my father and grandma both fell ill, so that was my excuse not to join.
Looking back at the last 10 months, I probably underestimated the power of having another mummy friend. It would’ve helped me through the tough times. I feel like I’m just guessing what my baby needs half the time and I have no idea whether I’m doing parenting “properly.” Not only this, but it would be great to have someone who truly understands what you are going through. Most of my friends don’t have kids so they don’t understand the importance of putting a baby to sleep on time or what real sleep deprivation feels like!
I completely bonded with my new found friends. We hit it off discussing everything from our birth stories to our recovery, to how our social life has taken a hit. We all had a good laugh over coffee and cake. It was not only a terrific outing for me, but my daughter absolutely enjoyed herself as she discovered her new friends and new surroundings at the play centre.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, sometimes it’s easier to be a hermit and think you already have enough friends. But going through something as big as birth and having a baby does change you as a person. Your relationships with the people around you changes as well. Don’t underestimate what new friendships can bring to your life. Be open to meeting new friends. I did, and I’ll never regret it!

4 thoughts on “Why I Joined A Mother’s Group

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you have the support of Mothers who understand. It is an amazing circle to have and although you may not be “best friends” with all of them, you may find you will make lifelong friendships with a number of them or even one! My son is close to turning 14 and I still have contact with one of the Mums. Enjoy your get togethers and swap all your stories, you will all help each other! Xo

    1. It’s great to hear other people’s positive experiences! At first, I didn’t like the idea of it, but I soon realized how lonely it got and how much my daughter needs social interaction with other babies. It’s just great to talk to someone who’s on the same page! 😊

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