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I have always wanted to create my own blog, but was so shy of putting myself out there for the world to see. Then I’d worry about the competition, that I’d have no readers and all my time was wasted. Truth is, now I just don’t care anymore, and I’d rather do it for fun and spend less time worrying what others thought about me.‎‎‍

‎‌‌I think I was born in the wrong decade. I feel as though I’m too old to understand how social media works. Too old to understand cyber language. There are always new abbreviations that I don’t quite understand. Quite some time ago,  I remember asking my colleagues what ROFL meant, after hearing it in conversation (yes, a vocal conversation), and got quite a few stares from those younger than me.
I also feel as though I’m too young to entirely give up on understanding  how social media works. And let’s face it, you can’t completely ignore it, you would be that “weird kid” without Facebook or that small business missing out on possible global opportunities. Social media is a powerful thing. I had to rely on it a lot,  especially after giving birth to my baby girl, Madeleine. It gave me answers when I needed them, it gave me entertainment when I couldn’t be bothered leaving the house. It connected me to other people who were going through the same thing I was.

So here I am, 31, a mother documenting her life. I love my family, I love to travel and I love all things mummy and baby. So here we go. Thanks for dropping by, I hope you’ll stick around and be a part of my journey x

4 thoughts on “Not Just Another Mummy Blogger

  1. Hi there and thanks for the follow Carol. Glad you’ve had a go at blogging. You’ll find a fair bit of support out there. You’ll make friendships but you may find yourself feeling obliged to post. Best advice I had is to remembered the blog is for you, not them so just enjoy it. I do mine.

    1. Hi there TanGental, thanks so much for getting in contact. It’s hard putting yourself out there but I love the way people connect through social media (Definately helps alot when your a mum and don’t have much of a social life especially in the early days!) Thanks for the advice, will definately try and do it for myself as I wouldn’t want it to be like a job! I think that way you’ll enjoy blogging and people can see it through the posts!

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