10 Month Baby Update

I cannot believe that we are getting towards the 1 year mark! It’s crazy to think that I gave birth about a year ago, it felt like yesterday. Time has definitely flown by!

At 10 months, Madeleine is now crawling really fast. She has managed to lift herself off the ground, prior to this, it was more of an army crawl. She’s getting quite mischievous, opening drawers, going through bags and will cry if I place her in a play pen (which means, I can’t get any house chores done!)

20170615_193712This is her helping me unload the dishwasher

I’ve noticed a significant difference in her behaviour this month. She use to be so quiet and shy, and all of a sudden, she’s turned into quite a loud baby (which is very exciting for us as she’s laughing more)! She has learnt how to clap and sits up all by herself, which she sometimes does in the middle of the night.

I’ve been back at work on a casual basis for about 3 months now (just weekends) but, last month I’ve picked up a few more shifts resulting in the loss of my breast-milk. Luckily, the bottle has grown on her. At 6 months, she hated the bottle and would not drink anymore than 30mL at a time! Now that she’s on the bottle, I am slowly getting my life back which has been very good for my mental state. I’m also quite glad that she’s on the bottle as she now has 4 teeth (first one came through at 7 months)!

Her sleep varies, with some nights she’ll sleep through and other nights,  she’ll wake up whining due to separation anxiety and possibly teething. It’s actually quite bad at the moment – she won’t go back to sleep unless I take her into bed with me! Hopefully it’ll pass… Otherwise we’ll probably have to sleep train her again! 

IMG_0941Separation anxiety at it’s worst

She was having 3 bottles of formula a day and this week I’ve cut out her 1st bottle at 9.30am as she was only taking 50mL. Our schedule for a 10 month old looks a little like this:

Wake up time: 7.30am
Breakfast: 8am
Snack: 9.30am
Nap: 10am (usually 40 minutes)
Lunch: 11.30am
Bottle: 1pm (takes about 100mL to 150mL depending on how much she’s had for lunch)
Nap: 2pm (usually 1.5 hours)
Snack: 3.30pm
Dinner: 5pm
Bottle: 7pm (takes about 150mL to 200mL)
Bedtime: 7.30pm to 8pm‎

I’m struggling to get her to take the second nap.  Some days she won’t nap until 3pm or she might even skip it altogether! Her awake time is anywhere between 3 to 5 hours, so I basically just run with it. She doesn’t tell me she’s tired anymore (when she was younger, she would scream and rub her eyes). Now it’s more of a whine, which is so easily missed!‎

Food texture: She won’t let me feed her by the spoon anymore, so we’ve transitioned to just finger food (chopped into small square pieces). I give her a little at a time and she’ll pick it up and feed herself. This is actually quite good, as it gives me time to eat my meal! She has started to pick up the sippy cup all by herself but still doesn’t know how to put it down once it’s been picked up! We use the B.Box Sippy Cup, which is fantastic, you can purchase the cup here. There was no other sippy cup on the market that Madeleine would take as she had trouble adapting to a spout.

She’s starting childcare this week. I feel like she’s ready and yearns for social interaction with other babies. But of course, I feel guilty for leaving her at the same time. I’ll most likely be outside in my car sooking away!

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